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Your Press Release Impresses No One.
Five better ways to create PR for your startup. 

From inception through funding and acquisition, public relations should play a vital role in the strategy of any startup. Universally, PR is about two things: visibility and credibility, two crucial elements of business success. A press release about secured funding or new hires isn’t going to cut it. It’s time to create a communications strategy that moves the needle. 


Join Rein Communications CEO Nicole Peternel as she shares unique insight that comes from working with clients and their stakeholders in both the startup and VC/PE industries.By harnessing the power of strategic storytelling, the trajectory of your business can accelerate drastically. Nicole will challenge you to rethink your approach and will help you to build communications that will support your startup goals.

Five Key Components: 


  • It all starts with strategy

  • Why content is king 

  • Creating thought leadership... with legs

  • Let’s make that mic drop

  • Media still matters

You will leave with fresh ideas and the framework needed to build an effective public relations approach.

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