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Owning the Room in A Digital World: Five Ways to Improve Your Video PResence

Many of us had used video communications prior to it being our “new normal”, however it was more of an option than a requirement- something we did when we were sick at home or meeting with clients across the globe. It can be difficult to build relationships, convey enthusiasm or show concern over video. While there might not be a perfect substitute for in-person meetings, we know that the luxury of waiting for this health crisis to pass isn’t an option. Business needs to continue, which means video communications will be the platform in which we communicate and hold meetings for the foreseeable future.

Just as there is an art in interacting with the media and being a powerful public speaker, communicating effectively over a conference call is a skill that takes practice, video training and guidance. To be an effective communicator over video, you need to look, sound and be the part. With the right tools and video speaker training, we have the potential to be even more successful and efficient in how we communicate behind the camera.


Improve your atmosphere

Consider your audience

Build the relationship

Deliver with precision

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out how to adjust your environment in order to look and sound your best

  • Discover the key to building relationships and make the interaction personal, not transactional 

  • Learn why you don't need to change who you are to become an on-camera success

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